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Client Experience | Arkady Brown Photography | Portland, OR Boudoir

Client testimonials of being photographed by Arkady Brown Photography, located in Portland Oregon.

Arkady is a truly remarkable person. From the first moment of meeting her she inspired me with her unique ideas and her devotion to helping women feel better about themselves, physically and mentally. I had a boudoir session with her and she was wonderful, the pictures were wonderful and I think she is destined to become a world famous photographer who also will have an important effect on the confidence and self worth of women in our world!
— Stasha G.
What an experience!! Arkady didn’t just stay on the other side of the lens and take pictures of me, she was right there in the moment with me! When I was confused or felt to “posey” she slowed down with me,reminded me to breath and actually showed me the positions and placement that would flatter me the most! Her playfulness and support made it so easy to put aside my nerves and for my authentic self to come out and feel very safe and sexy! You are a rare gem and truly talented, Arkady and I can’t wait for my couples shoot!
— Jackie M.
There should be ten stars here! First off, my pictures were gorgeous. I have to admit, posing without a lot of clothes on is not in my wheelhouse. I have my own misgivings about my body and would never have thought to do this. I am so glad I did! Arkady gave me clear direction and preparation so that I would be comfortable and confident about our whole experience. She was attentive to my concerns and set me at ease on the phone BEFORE WE GOT TO THE SHOOT. When I got there, the space was beautiful, well lit, clean, and comfortable; she really has an eye for the most perfect settings. The process itself went gracefully and it was way easier than I thought it was going to be. I felt held and safe by her presence and that is the perfect combination for sexy. When our time was up, I was shocked, I wanted to stay and do more! THE PHOTOS.... omg, are there words? I looked like a Goddess. Those photos were just... perfection. My skin, which was rashing at the time, looked soft and glowing. I saw expressions on my face that I had no idea existed and I liked it! Arkady caught my curves in a way that I have never seen and was shocked at how beautiful they were. Her vision of me was so gorgeous! I can not recommend her enough. Every woman should have this! THANK YOU ARKADY!
— Alexandra L.
Arkady is simply the best. She made me feel comfortable and at ease from the start. The consultation prior was very informative and let me know what to expect. The shoot was amazing! It was fun and exciting and Arkady made me feel so pampered. I walked out of there with the most amazing confidence. I know have a beautiful book to look back on and be proud of. I can’t recommend her enough, you won’t regret booking her.
— Brooke C.
THANK YOU! Thank-you so much for creating the experience that Amber and I had this morning. I knew that she and I were going to be physically intimate, but I hadn’t expected that level of emotional intimacy and it was more than I ever could have imagined the photoshoot to be. I will never forget this morning with her. It also helped me to feel more comfortable and confident with my body after decades of thinking of myself as totally unattractive and unsexy. Amber has always said nice things about my body and i feel like I believe her more today. You were fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.
— Bryan E.
Wow! We just finished with Arkady and I am absolutely so, so happy. My boyfriend and I did a couples shoot and we had a blast! Arkady really knew how to make me feel so comfortable and then I could just look into my boyfriend’s eyes and feel completely at ease. She showed a couple snapshots right on the spot and I know the rest are absolutely stunning. Arkady was so sweet and kind, and knew just what to do to pose us, prompt us, and get all the right angles! It was the most amazing experience as a couple... we reached new heights even after 3 years of being together and had the greatest close and connected day after! And best of all, we are going to have images of our love and intimacy forever. A huge point to mention is how these photos are so TASTEFUL and romantic. I love it!
— Jana H.
I am so happy I decided to do a couples photo session with my partner for his birthday. We knew we had wanted to do something like this and we wanted to display our passion for each other in photos that we could have forever. Arkady did just that but beyond what we had ever expected. Our photos are stunningly beautiful and capture us perfectly. The session was fun, very sexy and left us feeling extremely close to each other for days after. We both have no words to how much we both enjoyed that day. A great memory. Then, having her reveal our photos in a private session and seeing how beautifully it all came together for a permanent reminder of that day and of our passion is amazing. She is truly talented and we have been showing everyone our pics. I highly recommend Arkady.
— Sharon Z.
Arkady is an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with. She has a unique style of photography and knows how to bring out something special in each client. I would recommend her boudoir session for yourself or someone you love, or both!
— Jillian