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about me

I was not always a photographer. I actually have a background in criminal justice and forensics. Yes, I did autopsies. You maybe asking yourself...how did I go from that to this? 

I've wondered the same thing. Until I realized my "why" for boudoir. 

Like most women, I have struggled with body image for years. I have done extreme things to have the "perfect" body. Eating disorders, extreme workouts, calorie counting, you name it, I did it. What I have come to learn is that there is no such thing as a perfect body. The perfect body is the one we have right now. 

I picked up a camera and told myself I wanted to capture beauty as I saw it. I photographed everything from my cat to buildings and everything in-between. Slowly I stared to do women's headshots.  I soon realized I wanted to go a bit deeper and more meaningful. Thus, my boudoir business was born.

Boudoir is so much more than just getting a "sexy" photograph taken. It's an experience. 

My clients all have their various "whys." Some are getting married and wanting to surprise their partner, some are in committed relationships and want to see their love and passion as art. All of them are wanting to celebrate something: love.

I love capturing all forms of beauty and love. I look forward to capturing yours. 

xo Arkady